First Stop, Liberia

Greetings family & friends! Our journey is finally underway. Today we landed in Liberia, Costa Rica and we are ready to explore. Upon arriving we were greeted by a friend of the hostel to provide us with a ride. This saved us the time and frustration of finding our own taxi into town. Our quaint little hostel, Hospedaje Dodera, is truly a hidden gem. From the outside it appears simple and bland however, once inside it is very comfortable and inviting. We were greeted with open arms by the owner and given a quick tour. In addition to the 3 hammocks and little cat walking around, there is a great outdoor kitchen. Although we opted out of cooking ourselves and went to a lovely outdoor restaurant serving up woodfired pizzas with fresh basil from the plants grown onsite. The hostel is also one block from the bus station which means less walking with our heavy bags! Tomorrow morning we plan on taking a bus to the Nicaraguan border. From there we are off to San Juan del Sur; a surfer-beach town.



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