From the border to sunny San Juan del Sur

Yesterday we crossed the border into beautiful Nicaragua! The border crossing took about 2 hours and the lines to cross were filled with other backpackers and locals alike. The setup of the border was more like a open flea market with people shouting and selling things everywhere. Once through all the commotion, we took at taxi to San Juan del Sur. Our taxi had a hard time finding our hostel because it is still fairly new. We took turns up streets so steep that they would give San Fransisco a run for its´ money! We eventually arrived at our hostel; Buena Onda. This hostel was opened a year ago and is owned by a very pleasant French man named, Baba. The whole design of the hostel is like a giant tree house, there are 3 open levels. The open kitchen overlooks the whole bay of San Juan del Sur. Our room is very large and clean. We are sharing this hostel with a few boys from Sweden, a German couple and another American couple. There is even a friendly dog that resides here and begs for the extra scraps from dinner! Baba was very informative and provided us with some of his favorite places to see in San Juan. The beach is about a 4 minute walk from the hostel. All the locals are very friendly here. This morning we hiked up to the Jesus Christ statue, which took about an hour but well worth it. From the top we could see all of San Juan and the Costa Rican coastline. Afterwards we ventured to the Pelican Hotel to take a dip in their pool. From the infinity pool we sipped on Pina Coladas and watched the sun set over the harbor. Tomorrow we may try our luck at surfing. We will try to post pictures when we have more internet!




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