Things Take A Turn At Poste Rojo…

We spent 2 nights at Poste Rojo, a treehouse hostel 10km from Granada, NIcaragua. The hike up to the treehouse is very long and rough, especially with our heavy backpacks. It is literally a giant treehouse in the woods, with plently of insects and howler monkeys in the trees. There is compost toliets and the shower is run by collected rainwater. The overall vibe of the place is very relaxed. It is run by mostly volunteers, some who have been there for over a month. All of the volunteers were very helpful and pleasant.The owner of the hostel, Chad is another story. He is very rude and ungrateful. He is also needs to realize that he is too old to party and should think about getting a real job/life but that´s enough ranting for now.  We chose to rent out the private treehouse hostel that was a little bit more off in the woods. We thought this would be a good option because it seemed to be quite the party place.





Each night they have family dinner, where everyone in the hostel gets together and make some food. The first night we had pizza, which was fantastic. The hostel is filled with other travelers from all other the world. All the travlers were young and looking for a good time! The second night there was a full moon party. The theme of the party was “Gender Bender” (there are some great pictures haha). After having a great night of partying with other people from all over the world, we arrived back to our room to find a little surprise… our screen had been cut and my bag (amber) was stolen. This was a terrible way to end a fun night. I realized that everything I had was stolen, even my shoes! We called for the security guard and he ran down to us with his flashlight and machete however, the thevies were long gone. It is such a terrible feeling knowing you have lost everything and are in a different country. I never imagined something like this would have ever happened, not this early in our journey atleast…

*These photos were taken from googleimages since I no longer have my ipad or camera cord.


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