Brighter Days In Granada

It is a new day, so that means a new journey. We are staying at this awesome hostel in Granada called Hostel Oasis. There is an english speaking staff who is very informative. The hostel also has 2 courtyards; one with a pool and the other with hammocks. The hostel is filled with other travelers both young and old! We have met some really great people so far, and it has made my loss a little bit easier to deal with. A nice couple from California gave me an extra backpack and a few clothes. Granada is filled with markets and local thirft shops so we have also been glancing through them. After visiting the police station 4 times, I finally recieved my police report. I think I should be back on my feet in no time! 

We hiked up to the top of the church to catch the sunset from the bell towers and it was fantasic. It only cost $1 and is highly recommended. We were able to see the city in all its glory, with the brightly colored buildings and people filled streets below. 


Hostel Oasis Courtyard


Bell Tower


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