Ometepe To The Nicoya Peninsula

We are back in Costa Rica! Writing this post from the beach; Playa Samara. This is a great little beach town that isn’t too developed yet and still has some charm. It’s Superbowl Sunday so we are at the packed local bar watching the game.

The last time we checked in, we were in Granada, Nicaragua. We have traveled around quite a bit since then! From Granada we took a chicken bus and then a ferry to Isla de Ometepe. If you have ever wondered where the old yellow school buses go when they retire… It’s to Nicaragua! The get a makeover complete with Jesus paintings or whatever else the driver wants. They also are always over capacity… extremely over. Just when you think it’s full, more people get on until you literally can’t even move, and barley get off. After we made it through the chicken bus and bumpy ferry ride we arrived to the island and headed to Little Morgans. The hostel is owned by an Irish man and is very unique. It is situated between the 2 volcanoes on the island and has fantastic views. Our beds were above the bar (all they had left) and were pretty loud but otherwise no complaints. The hostel was full of other young travelers and we met some really great people.

During the day we rented bikes and rode around the island to Lago de Apoyo. It is a mineral pool, warmed by the volcanoes. It felt like a giant swimming pool, with fish in it! For dinner we headed to the Eco-Farm down the street. This farm practices permaculture and allows guests to stay in exchange for a few hours of work a day. The farm sold Nutella, hummus, chocolate and jams that were made on premises. We went for the famous pizza night. Our pizza was delicious and made from local ingredients.

The following morning we returned to the mainland and headed towards the border. After a few hours in line we were next! However, we were quickly disappointed when we realized that our plane tickets home were not enough proof for the officials that we were leaving the country! We were forced to buy $50 bus tickets that we will never use! It was a very frustrating situation but there was nothing that we could do about it. Perhaps because we were American, they gave us more trouble. We will never know….

Either way, we are loving Costa Rica now and plan on making our way down the Nicoya Peninsula then taking a water taxi across to Jaco.





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