We spent 3 nights in the beach town of Montezuma. The town itself is small but very lively. It is located on the bottom of the Nicoya Peninsula which can make it hard to get to. We chose the expensive private shuttle because it would have taking anywhere from 11 to 18 hours on the public bus system which just sounded painful. We stayed at Hotel Auroa. The term “hotel” may have been a stretch but none the less it did its job for us. The hotel is located right downtown and about 1 minute from the beach.

The first full day we were there we hiked to waterfall which was a popular spot with the locals and travelers alike. It was a set of three waterfalls, all with beautiful swimming holes at the base. The hike up to the other 2 falls was very rough and steep! We had to hold on to branches and rocks to pull ourselves up while the ground slipped out from under us.

The nightlife in Montezuma is very energetic and young. We spent two nights at Organics which is a great organic restaurant with live music. They have home made gelato and wine creations. We opted for the white wine with mint and orange. During the day, we got our juice fix from The Green House, which whipped up all sorts of fruits and herb combinations for under $4. We also walked along the coastline to Playa Grande. The beach was almost completely empty and felt like we were on an episode of Survivor. After our long walk along the beach we cooked up a dinner of pasta and chorizo. After dinner we went into town and were lucky enough to catch a seemingly impromptu performance of fire dancers and drummers. If you happen to make your way down to Montezuma ever, they perform every Thursday night at 10pm right in the center of town.



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