Jaco for Tacos

After a few days, it was time to leave the quirky end of the road beach town of Montezuma, so we caught a water taxi to Jaco. It was an hour long ride across the Gulf of Nicoya. We were hoping to catch a glimpse of some ocean life while along the journey but there was none to be seen.
At first we were a little skeptical of what Jaco had to offer and considered skipping it all together. From what we had read in the guide books Jaco is know for being filled with drugs, prostitutes, and Gringos. Upon arrival we were met by a family friend who was generous enough to host us for a few days and show us around the town. We have been spoiled by good food and good beds while staying here and it will be hard to get back on the hostel circuit.
One night we went out for drinks at Villa Caletas. This was a very upscale resort situated on a mountain side, 1150 feet above the Pacific Ocean, offering breathtaking views of the Nicoya Peninsula and the sun sinking beyond the horizon. After drinks we made our way back into town and ate dinner. The place we ate offered fresh fish among other things. The tuna steak was the largest and most tasty I have ever had. Ambers Mahi Mahi was just as delicious but not as big.
Today we continued enjoying all the fresh fish that this coastal town has to offer and went for fish tacos. We went to the JacoTacoBar due to the many rants and raves that we have heard about it. It did not let us down! They had 5 different types of fish and other meats to choose from. We went with tuna and dorado. In addition to the tacos they had an unlimited salad bar so that you could all all your own toppings to your tacos. We quenched our thirst with some fresh squeezed orange juice and lemonade with mint and ginger. I would highly recommend the TacoBar!






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