Waterfalls and Beach Bums in Dominical

Dominical is a very small and quaint town. There are only three dirt roads and a handful of bars, restaurants, and hostels. On the first day in Dominical we settled into our hostel(Piramys) which was across a dusty road from the beach and took a stroll around town. For dinner/late lunch we followed a fellow travelers advise and went to a sandwich shop in town. The name is Chapys and it’s to die for. The most delicious part of the sandwich may very well be the fresh baked ciabatta bread but the fresh local ingredients and quality deli meat certainly add to the wonderfulness! After dinner we set up our hammocks on the beach and enjoyed a breathtaking sunset.
The next day Amber and I went our separate ways for a few hours. Amber had a massage scheduled for that afternoon so I took advantage of a fellow travelers offer to accompany him on a waterfall hike. After a long hot hike in the heat of the day we reached a good sized river cascading down over the rocks into a deep swimming hole fully equipped with a rope swing and places to jump from. After a activity filled day for me and a relaxing, meditative day for Amber we fell asleep soon after the hostels lights out at 10pm.
We awoke early the following morning and ventured to Marino Ballena National Park only a short bus ride away in Utiva. The park is named after the humpback whales that migrate there every year. Almost too coincidentally there is also a perfectly whale tale shaped piece of land that can be walked out to at low tide. This whale tale is a stretch of sand extending from the beach and fanning out on either side into tide pools and coral. We spent over 6 hours at the park; from lounging in the hammock to floating in the water. We arrived back in Domincal starved and headed back to Chapys for a filling sandwich! Tomorrow we are off to Golfito for the night, before we begin our 3 week volunteer adventure.

Playa Dominical

Poza Azul Waterfall

Marino Ballena National Park

(Not our picture but wanted to show the whale tail)


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