Week 1 at Casa Orquideas

We were greeted by our host Ron MacAllister at the docks in the port town of Golfito. He showed us around town ; where the best produce and groceries could be purchased and other important landmarks. It was our duty to plan out what foods we would want to eat and buy all of our supplies for the next week. After a few hours, we met back with Ron and made the 25 minute boat journey to our new home, Casa Orquidea. We were greeted by Trudy and Spike (dog) at the beach. After unloading all our bags and supplies we were showed to our cabin which will be home for the next 3 weeks.

The 70 acre property looks like a scene out of Jarassic Park. There are Scarlett macaws hovering about and lizards running across the grass. There are hundreds of trees and flowers. Casa Orquideas is known for its many species of orchids and heliconias. The property is truly a magical and special place, its hard to describe it. Cruise ships and boats stop for tours almost daily. The tours include a weekly National Geographic tour boat.
By our cabin, we are fortunate to have a grapefruit and lemon tree. We also have access fresh pineapples and a wide array of herbs and spices. The ocean is just a stone throw away from our porch. Instead of trying to sleep with traffic noises, we now just hear the sounds of the crashing waves and the wild jungle outside our door.
Work begins at 7am for us. By this time the heat is starting to rise and the macaws are already squawking and making their presence known. We work for 4 hours. Our daily tasks include weeding, edging and maintaining the gardens. Ron and Trudy are always available to answer any questions and offer suggestions. After work ends at 11pm we are free to do as we please around the gardens and surrounding area. Most of the time we end up reading/sleeping away the afternoons in our hammocks on the beach.







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