Volunteer Week 2/ 3

The past 2 weeks at Casa Orquidea have flown by! We have finally begun to get into the swing of things and time is cruising along. We wake every morning to the sounds of chattering birds and other animals outside our door. By 9am the sun is high in the sky and beating down on us so we take advantage of any shade that we can get. Our daily chores include weeding, edging and raking. We have also been working with their local caretaker, Alex. Alex only speaks Spanish, so it has been good practice for us! Alex also invited us out on his boat for some fishing. 5 days after the full moon, Needlefish gather by the shore to breed. This freenzy draws locals from all over. Willy tried his luck, and was able to catch 2 fish and he also spotted a sea turtle and dolphin from the boat. The hardest part of it all was learning how to gut the fish. 

ImageOur afternoons are spent wandering around the gardens or reading in our hammocks. After reading some of Trudy’s herbal medicine books, we have been experimenting with the local plants. They have spice and medicinal gardens which offer a variety of plants to aid in wounds, headaches and stomach issues. We are also fortunate enough to be able to pick fresh basil and oregano from the garden. There is a giant grapefruit tree and lemon tree next to our house which has provided us with fresh juice in the morning!


View from our porch




First Rain



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