Paradise Found In Puerto Viejo

After a few days in the big city of San Jose, we headed to the town of Puerto Viejo. This beach town with its laid back Caribbean vibe is very welcoming to the young backpacker like ourselves! We chose to stay at Rocking Js Hostel because Willy had stayed there 4 years ago. The hostel is huge and caters to every type of budget offering accommodation ranging from hammocks to the Pimp Suite. We opted to save some money by sleeping in the hammocks. The hostel is full of other travelers from all over the world! It is decorated in mosaics done by guests and has a great beachfront.



We rented bikes to cruise around town and head to the other beaches. We spent one day visiting the Jaguar Rehabilitation Center. This establishment takes in all types of abused and injured animals.

We were able to see baby sloths and play with the young spider and howler monkeys. The whole place is run by volunteers and we would defiantly recommend it!



When we were not lounging in our hammocks we also spent time in the tidal pools near the hostel. Their are a few deep tidal pools that allow for a nice refreshing swim. The tidal pools are also full of life! We saw many small fish, and eel and sea urchins!




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