San Blas Islands

As our adventure is coming to an end, we decided to plan one more trip. Our final trip was to the San Blas Islands. These 365 islands are stretched out from Panama to Colombia. Only 40 are inhabited by the Kuna Indians. These islands are run by their own rules and government. After a grueling 3 hour 4×4 ride and 30 minute boat ride, we arrived at Franklins Island. This island, about the size of a football field, is pure paradise. The outside is lined with palm trees and crystal clear water. We were given our own hut, complete with a sand floor and bamboo walls. Meal times were announced by the blowing of a conch shell. The way this island operated provided a worry-free atmosphere for the guests. We spent our free time snorkeling and exploring the other islands.



We spent 2 nights there but wished we could have spent more time. Unfortunately we “have” to make our flight in the morning. Rumor has it, that San Blas will be under water in less than 40 years due to global warming, which is such a shame. San Blas is truly paradise.




Tomorrow we fly back home to the United States.

Until next time…It Takes Two 2 Travel.


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