Happy Easter From Boquete

Wishing all our family, friends and followers at Happy Easter from Boquete, Panama! We are spending the day relaxing and enjoying the beautiful mountain town.


We arrived here a few days ago from Bocas del Toro. Boquete is a cool mountain town which is much different from the party beach town of Bocas however, it is a pleasant change. The weather is very unpredictable here; one minute sunny and the next raining. We are staying at a fantastic hostel called Mamallena in the center of town. It is an old historic house with a lot character. We have also found some great cheap food at the local spots! The town is very busy because of the holiday and the Flower & Coffee Festival in the park.



Due to Willy's allergy to horses, I went on a horseback ride with some other girls from the hostel. We booked the tour right through our hostel which was very convenient. We rode for about an hour and a half through the beautiful mountain side. We finished up the tour with a stop in the hot springs. These hot springs were much more rustic and different from the previous ones we visited (Baldi Hot Springs in CR). However, they were still very hot and relaxing!

The following day we decided to hike the Quetzal Trail. When we first arrived there was a light mist covering the land. The fence post were glistening with moss and sheep were grazing in the field. It felt as though we had traveled to New Zealand! After some trial and error we reached the actual trail. This trail is famous for the Quetzal bird which is very rare to spot. The trail was full of biodiversity with all sorts of ferns and plants growing everywhere. We hiked for about 2 hours and still no luck with our bird hunt. Our legs were growing tired since there were many hills involved in the hike so we decided to hike back. Even though we did not see this famous bird, the hike was still very enjoyable and a nice escape from town. We hitched hiked our way back into town to save some money. We were lucky enough to be picked up by a friendly couple from Chicago who are working on the expansion project for the Panama Canal! We arrived back at the hostel for their famous BBQ night which was a fun way to unwind!